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Climbing, multi-pitch routes and via ferrata / Cordata in Verdon and surroundings

Escalade en Grande Voie Au Verdon

Climb the Gorges du Verdon, 1h30 from Grasse and 30 min from Castellane and 2h30 from St Tropez
50 euros to 130 euros depending on the Climbing or Multi-pitch climbing activity (from 9 years old)

Our climbing and via ferrata / Cordata services in Verdon and surroundings for the family for ages 8 and up

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Grande voie escalade gorges du verdon

Via ferrata and Cordata in the Gorges du Verdon and in Provence:
Via Cordata from the fox hole
50 euros
Via cordata de la Main Morte 70 euros
Via ferrata Puget-Théniers
Via ferrata of Dignes les Bains

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