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Water and Canyoning at the start of the season. Will we be able to supervise all summer?

We left at the start of the season for a little canyoning on the side of the common building of Peyroules (04) So indeed we arrive on this June 11th and the water is still flowing but at a level of mid / end of July... Suffice to say that if it does not rain it will be complicated to practice in this canyon

But from the moment these 2 slides became dry, it would be complicated to practice in this route can be aquatic.

I imagine that in a few weeks if the rain is not there. It can no longer be offered.

In short, we'll tell you more by the beginning of July. Otherwise there is other canyoning still possible. do not hesitate to contact us To know more. Mr Coolclimber. Cool Canyoning Verdon

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